SG Services

Building Your Future 

Uniquely situated at the intersection of three continents with a developed economy and unparalleled beauty and history, Greece is a multifaceted land of possibilities that can open new doors for your future. Benefitting from local expertise and extensive know-how, Stargate offers a full range of all-inclusive services to those who wish to build their futures in Greece and establish businesses, secure residency or improve their investments. 

Our dedication to our client’s satisfaction begins with ensuring that they receive thorough consultation and services in the quickest manner possible. With our all-inclusive services, we take care of every step in our client’s investment and relocation process. We care deeply for our clients beyond relocation and provide concierge-style customer service and local expertise to ensure their smooth integration into the Greek community, life and business practices. Our ultimate goal is affecting our client’s lives positively and ensuring their long-term happiness as they live and do business in Greece.