Building Your Investments

Building Your Investments (Gate to Your Investments)

The Greek economy has recovered considerably since its slower days in the past decade. Since 2015, it has grown steadily and is projected to grow even more. With its fast expanding real estate market and its still depressed but flourishing economy, Greece provides ample opportunities for high return investment.

At Stargate, besides establishing your residency or businesses, we provide consultation, implement strategies and even partner up with you on your next investment in Greece. As certain means of securing Greek residency such as the Golden Visa require you to buy property in Greece, we also help you navigate the market to best accommodate your needs. With our local market expertise and our tried and true investment strategies, we promise 20-30% return on investment in most areas.

If you would like to discuss your needs or learn more about how Stargate can improve your investments in Greece, please contact us.