Building Your Residency

Building Your Residency (Gate to Your Residency) 

Since its inception in 2013, the Greek Residency by Investment Program, or the Greek Golden Visa has paved the way for more than 23,000 individuals to gain Greek | EU residency through the means of securing property in Greece. The Greek Golden Visa is the least costly of its kind among EU nations. It grants you and your family legal residency in Greece, allowing you to live, receive an education and do business in the country while permitting you to travel freely to 27 European countries. Similar to other means of securing Greek residency, the Greek Golden Visa is generally processed quickly in less than 3 months and imposes no minimum stay requirements.

In our comprehensive residency service, we carry out the entire process of securing your residency while paying utmost attention to every detail bearing in mind your personal preferences and lifestyle. Our concierge-style customer service covers all initial travel arrangements and costs incorporating even the smallest steps in the process of securing and establishing your residency.

To assess whether you’d be eligible for the Golden Visa Program or to discuss how we can help open new gates to your future in Greece, please contact us.