Building Your Businesses

Building Your Businesses (Gate to Your Business)

Alongside offering EU and Schengen-area residency for Financially Independent Persons, located at the juncture of 3 continents in Europe, Greece is an ideal location for businessmen to establish or expand their businesses.

Under the FIP residency program, high-income individuals may qualify for Greek Residency upon demonstrating their income to the Greek government. Based on this, you can start building your businesses, receive EU licenses and bank accounts and begin your operations in an ever-expanding economy that provides a gateway to over 140 million consumers in Europe alone. Greece’s unique geographical location, connecting the East and the West through the world’s greatest merchant marine, allows quick access to international and European markets. Offering a high standard of living, Greece is also a low-cost, accessible and developed country that can offer endless possibilities for your business and family.

At Stargate, we offer all-inclusive white-glove services to businessmen who wish to establish or expand their futures in Greece. Understanding the demanding lifestyle of our clients, we carry out all procedures promptly with little involvement from the client based on their unique needs and preferences.

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